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 A Powerful System That Helps You  PREDICTABLY and CONSISTENTLY

Get Quality Results From Your Facebook Ads DAILY Without Wasting Your Ads Budgets,

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What you're about to discover will help you bring in MORE HIGH QUALITY leads (or customers) for your business on a daily basis, reduce your ad cost per lead, stop the frequent ad account ban and also help you increase your conversions - just like it has done for these entrepreneurs!

"In his own words" here's what he said below...

You Know, These Are Not Tips and Tricks - They Are Simply What Works!

Who Am I To Share This With You?




My name is Divine Akachukwu.

I'm the founder of Viral Ads Agency - where I work with online entrepreneurs and help them increase their sales and get more customers with the power of social media advertising - in this case, Facebook/Instagram ads.

For the records, I've been privileged to work with some of the big names you [may] have heard of on the internet making cool figures and getting almost insane results with Facebook ads for their  businesses/offers, for example:

She got a list of potential customers on WhatsApp and made 1.1 million Naira in a week...

(see proof below)

"In her own words" here's what she said below...

And a host of others...


Last year alone, I was able to generate over 217,500 HIGH QUALITY LEADS for myself and the clients I worked with (which has now being converted into millions worth of sales -

some of which are repeat sales of high ticket products) with an ad spend of 15 million naira in total.

After much studying, testing and taking note of what really works, I've been able to carefully document what works when it comes to making 87% of the ad campaign you put out work to bring the results you desire - which I'd like to now share with you...

And It Doesn't Matter If You Are:

- An affiliate marketer looking to generate quality leads whom you can sell to




- A course creator who desires to see his courses sell out like crazy...without doing the regular content creation or discount offering thing many people do




- An e-commerce business owner who wants to sell out their products before the end of the month and rake in huge profits fast




- A realtor who desires capable buyers without having to pitch your products from office to office etc


"This Will Work For You!"

And believe me,


This is not just another promise from a course seller but what has been proven to work.


(See Testimonials below)

"In Her Own Words" Here's what she said...


The Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program

In this training program you'll learn everything you need to know about making your ads to do it without getting confused or facing the regular problems at least 7 out of 10 advertisers face when they run ads like frequent ad account ban...high cost per lead...or poor conversions.


And all of this you'll learn at your own pace from the comfort of wherever you choose to and whenever you choose to...with the easy to understand and detailed yet self explanatory videos in each modules.

Here are a FEW of the golden nuggets You'll discover inside this 


  • My unique H.S.O formula for writing FACEBOOK COMPLIANT AD COPIES that grabs attention and brings in the conversions for your ads...all the time!

  • A powerful method for REVIVING dead or poor performing ad campaigns and turning it into a RESULT PULLING and WINNING advert

  • What to do so your ad campaign doesn't get into ad fatigue phase (skipping this will make all your ad efforts bring in poor results)

  • How to EASILY and always GENERATE HIGH QUALITY LEADS at a LOWER COST than others are doing it right now!

  • My SPR Audience Targeting Method that makes sure your ad is ONLY SHOWN to people who want what you offer and can pay for it (knowing this will save you from attracting broke people with your ads)

  • How to know what pixel or conversion events to install on your website that best suits the ads you want to run & how to do it correctly!

  • My Unique "No Ban" Strategy For Keeping Your Ad Account/Page From Facebook Frequent Ad Ban Wahala

  • 10 Costly Facebook Ads Mistakes You Must Avoid At All Cost If You Want Your Ads To Win All The Time

And Lots More...Which Will Help You:

  • Consistently and Predictably Generate HIGH QUALITY Leads (or customers) For Your Business While Making Money Doing So For Yourself and Clients
  • Always Roll Out Profitable Ad Campaigns That ALWAYS Generate Tons Of Revenue For Your Business
  • Stop Worrying About Ad Account Bans
  • Get Results For Every Ad Campaign You Put Out...

And with all of this in your hands,


"...You'll Become Really Profitable With This Thing Called Facebook Advertising and Make More Money Out Of Your Business or Offer Faster Than The Regular Entrepreneur Out There..."

Just like one of my students, agatha below... 

As a bonus,


"I've Decided To Giveaway The Following For FREE, When You FINALLY  Lay Hold Of The Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program Today:"

Bonus 1
Premium WhatsApp Automation Course

So that you can easily chat with the massive leads you'll get on WhatsApp without having to chat and reply to over 1000+ chats manually.

(Sold For N40,000 Before, now yours FREE)

Bonus 2
Free Access To 1 Hours+ Live Facebook Ads Question And Answers Webinar Every Month

Got any question regarding Facebook adverts?

I usually have a live class with all my students every month where I share different strategies with them and fix any challenge they are having Live. 

(The Value Here Is worth over N61,500)

Bonus 3
7 Pillars Of Customer Attraction Program

In this video program you're going to discover the proper way to qualify leads and turn them into paying customers EASILY

(Usually Sold For N5,000)

Bonus 4
Facebook Ads Conversion Multiplier Program

Inside this program you'll learn 5 Hot strategies to turn any DEAD Facebook adverts to start bringing conversions almost immediately

(Usually Sold For N13,500)

Bonus 5
Breakthrough Affiliate Marketing Course

The Strategic Dollar-Making Formula designed to help individuals and businesses succeed with Affiliate Marketing.

(This Is Worth over N20,000 in value)

Bonus 6

Facebook Ads For Smartphone Course

You're going to discover how to ALWAYS setup profitable Facebook adverts and attract hungry customers using just your smartphone.

(Usually Sold For N10,000 But you're getting it for FREE when you take action today)

Bonus 7
Hot Leads Magnet Creation Program

In this program I and Precious Oriji (The Copy Surgeon) will show you how to Craft Hot Leads Magnet of potential buyers regardless of what product you sell. 

This is worth N100,000 

Bonus 8
Viral Video Mastery Program

Here I and the king of Shameless marketing Emeka Nobis will be teaching you how to create viral videos for Facebook/ Instagram Adverts so you can sell like crazy!

This is worth N500,000

I actually paid N500,00 just to get Sir Emeka Nobis to teach all my students this thing, You can't find this anywhere even on Youtube. And I'm not even capping,

(see proof below)

Bonus 9
WhatsApp Sales Domination Program

In this program Chioma Nnanna will be showing you her Secret Strategy on how to nurture leads and make sales on WhatsApp.

I paid N100,000 just to get her to teach my students this thing (see proof below), but because you're one of my students, you'll be getting access to this program for FREE

Bonus 10
Exclusive Access To My Ultimate Facebook Ads Community

This is where I keep giving you useful tips on how to make your ads perform better.

(I often hold Free live classes with my students)

(The value here is priceless)

Now, tell me...

"How Much Do You Think Is Worth Paying To Access The Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program

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You know the truth...  


If you were to take different courses to learn each of these secrets which you'll be learning via the Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program alongside the bonuses attached, 




Hire the services of an experienced Facebook Advertising expert, 


Believe me, you'd spend nothing less than at least 100k for a start with lots of trial and errors in between


But you know...


For the sake of getting this into the hands of as much business owners as possible, I won't be asking you to send me any of the above figures


Or anything like that



"You'll Only Have To Pay  A One Time Access Fee Of #40,000 Naira ($68)   To Access The Program And Everything Else That Follows It Today" access these PROVEN SECRETS that'll save you from spending years in trial and error


Or figuring what works and what doesn't


Or running ads that fails


And you don't need to take my word for it, 

Hear What Others Are Saying:

He made over $20,000 in sales after going through my course

actually, In his own words, here's what he said...

My question to you now is...


"Would You Prefer To Continue Wasting Money...Or...Would You Rather Lay Your Hands On What Is Already Working and Get This Facebook Ad Thing Once & For All?"


Then, go on...,



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365 Days 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee



Because of how convinced I am about the kind of results the Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program will help you produce when you follow what you'll see inside...

You have every right to come up to me via this number () within a space of the next 365 days if you really put what I share to work and nothing seems to work for you




You'll get a complete refund of the complete money you invested into the purchase of this program - alongside keeping the materials and every other bonus gotten...with no hard feelings attached

You can screenshot this guarantee as a proof..


I guess that's fair enough


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Now That You Know What You're Getting, Is There Any Need Delaying Further?...


You know;


The time is ticking


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She closed more sales because of the quality leads I helped her generate with Facebook ads...

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MORE real life testimonials from people I have Worked With

John Emmanuel C.

Sales Honcho.

We've worked before... Divine Akachukwu is good.

Frank Egon

8 figure Internet Marketer

King of Facebook ads, Divine Akachukwu is good at what he does no cap.

Harry Miracle

7 figure Affiliate marketer

Divine Akachukwu is a well known Facebook ads specialist. If you're struggling with generating leads on WhatsApp using Facebook ads then he's the go-to guy I recommend.

Here's what facebook ads expert, Gabriel Emeka Has To say about the facebook ads sales generator program that you're about to get access to right now:



You're Getting All Of This Today For Just A One Time Fee Of #40,000 ($68) Naira Only:

1.   "The Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program"

2.  Bonus #1: Premium WhatsApp Automation Program (Worth 40,000 Naira)

3.  Bonus #2: 7 Pillars Of Customer Attraction Program (Worth 5,000 Naira)

4.  Bonus #3: Facebook Ads Conversion Multiplier Program ( Worth 13,500 Naira)

5.  Bonus #4: Facebook Ads For Smartphone Course (Worth 10,000 Naira)

6.  Bonus #5: Breakthrough Affiliate Marketing Course (Worth 20,000 Naira)

7.  Bonus #6: Free Access To 1 Hours+ Live Facebook Ads Question And Answers Webinar Every Month (Worth 61,500 Naira)

8.  Bonus #7: Hot Leads Magnet Creation Program (Worth 100,000 Naira)

9.  Bonus #8: Viral Video Mastery Program By Emeka Nobis (Worth 500,000 Naira)

10.  Bonus #9: Whatsapp Sales Domination Program By Chioma Nnanna (Worth 100,000)

11.  Bonus #10: Exclusive Access To My Ultimate Facebook Ads Community


"Is That Too Much To Invest For The Growth Of Your Business Or Consistent Sales Of Your Offers?"


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Here's What A Top Digital Marketer Is Saying About The Facebook Ads Sales Generator Program

You'll Only Have To Pay A One Time Access Fee Of #40,000 Naira ($68) To Access The Program And Everything Else That Follows It Today" 

 these PROVEN SECRETS will save you from spending years in trial and error Or figuring what works and what doesn't on your own...


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